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20  Most Important Things to Consider Before Buying a Printer

Are you intending to buy a useful printer? If yes then kindly stop here. This printer buying guide is just for you. In this printer buying guide, you’ll get to know the basics that should be kept in mind before buying a printer. Printers are hardware devices used for persistence representation of text on paper. In the market, there is a sheer amount of option are available of printers from inkjet to laser and 3d printers, etc.

Choosing the best printer for home use, printer form small business or printer for commercial use is as difficult as choosing a career. When you see a large number of printers from different brands it becomes really difficult for you to choose the best option that is ultimate for your needs.

Side away your confusion and dumbness and read this buying guide and choose the perfect printer for home use, for small business or commercial use.

This buying guide for printers carry all the important aspects that should be considered when buying a printer.

1- Evaluate Your Printing Needs:

First of all, evaluate your needs. Do you need a printer for home use, Printer for small business, or printer for commercial use? First, you have to consider the nature of your need because this will help you to choose the best printer that will meet your needs.

For home use you can go for a simple laser printer, for office use chooses all in one printer that can enable you to do printing, copying, scanning and faxing. For commercial use choose the durable printer. The prediction of your needs is a first step to get the best printer so tries to be fair to your needs and make a list of preferences in your mind that you want to consider while buying a printer.

2- Type of Printing:

Now consider the type of printing that you are going to do for home, for small business and commercial use. For home use, if you are interested in photo printing to save your family photos then simply go for a single-function laser printer. For office use, you have to prints and copy multiple documents in a day then buy multifunction printers because all in one printers give you access to use its versatile features.

Choosing the best printer is always dependent on the type of printing that you are going to do. For commercial or office use choose the printer that is durable, that requires low printing cost and easy to print a high volume of documents and above all that deliver high-quality printing output. But for low cost never compromise on quality otherwise it will not be beneficial for the long run printing operation.

3- Monochrome Printer or Colored Printer:

This is the most important factor to consider while buying a printer is deciding printing output of printer that whether the output should be black and white/monochrome or it should be colored?

For home use, small business use and commercial use mostly black and white copies of prints are common but if you know that you will be needed to prints photos, banner, flyers or any other things that have to be printed colored then go for a colored printer.

But you should keep the fact in mind that colored printers are expensive than monochrome printers.

4- Inkjet Printer, Laser Printer or Wireless Printer:

Inkjet printer, Laser printer or wireless printer, the choice is yours. Each printer has its advantages and disadvantages.  Wireless printers give you access to connect it to network and you get rid of tangled wires. Laser printers have their advantages of fast and quality printing but inkjet printers sometimes can have an issue with ink cartridge, which can create smudging or cartridge that can be clogged.

Inkjet printers take a bit more time to the printer and even the advanced inkjet printers.  If you buy the laser printer according to its printing speed it will cost more high because laser printers are very cost-effective than inkjet printers. For small businesses, laser printers are the best option because they can print a high volume of pages and their printing speed is incredible.

So laser printers are perfect for small business or commercial use. Inkjet printers use ink cartridge and laser printers use toner, they both almost vary in price but choose wisely according to your need.

5- Single Function Printer or Multifunction Printer:

Some people go for single-function printers but some buy all in one. It all depends on the nature of the need. All in one fulfill all needs under one product so no doubt it’s a good choice to make.

When you can have copying, printing, scanning, and fax under one roof then what else can replace it? But always choose according to your needs. If you have a scanner in your office then you shouldn’t go for all in one multifunction printer.

Duplex printing is also a great function to use. It prints the page from both sides without flipping over the page. No doubt duplex printing is a great feature for office use or commercial use. Now many multifunction printers come with duplex printing option and there are no two views about its usefulness.

You just have to pay more for all in one multifunction printer to use its versatile features easily. Purchase according o your need that you just need printing or you also want scanning, copying and faxing with printing?

If you own a small business or you are in a commercial business then probably you need a multifunction printer because then you don’t have to buy a scanner or fax machine separately.

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6- Print Output Resolution:

This is obvious to consider printing output resolution while buying a printer. Resolution measures in DPI dots per inch. Printers comes with different image resolution like 600dpi, 1200dpi, 2400 dpi. Printers with higher DPI will have more clear prints then the lower ones. Printing resolution also depends on the nature of your needs.

If you want to buy a printer for home use just for printing documents then you can pick just an ordinary printer but if you want to print photos or you want high-quality resolution then pick a printer with high-quality output resolution. If your small business or commercial business is serving in the designing industry then it’s obvious for you to choose the best high-quality printer that delivers high-quality images. But if your job is just to print documents to get the text in hard form then you can choose any ordinary printer.

Choosing a high-quality output printer needs you to consider some facts. If you are buying a printer online then read reviews of the printer and if buying from the market then check the real printouts if possible, to see the resolution of prints.  Laser printers always offer high-quality printouts and they are expensive too. If you are looking for a printer for home use then inkjet printers are sufficient for you.

7- Printing Speed:

This is s main factor to consider when buying a printer. First of all, review your needs and then estimate the volume of paper that you want to print and then make buying choice according to your needs. If you have to print the bulk of paper then probably you need a printer with fast printing speed.

If you are buying Printer online then you must read reviews of buyers or check the product description. Always check the printing speed of the printer by its PPM pages per minute. It will help you to consider the printer’s speed.

But the fact is that if you choose the printer with fast printing speed it will decrease the printing resolution so try to find the printer that can give you faster speed with balanced resolution. Choose the printers that deliver faster and larger number of pages per minute for office and commercial use and for home use you can choose ordinary printers.

8- Memory of Printer:

Memory of printer varies from printer to printer. Some printers come with exceptional RAM (random access memory).  If you want to buy a printer for business use or commercial use then ensure that your printer can upgrade its memory. Printers with larger RAM can store large numbers of documents and they perform the job accurately without jamming, freezing or locking up. Some printers come with the memory of 64MB, 218 MB or 512MB, etc.

9- Connectivity:

Connectivity is also an important factor to consider before buying a printer. Nowadays, printers with advanced technologies are coming equipped with easy connectivity options.

Wireless printers can be connected to your mobile phone or tablet by connecting to the same network. You can connect USB to printer to get printouts or even printers can be connected to Wi-Fi. Some printers come with memory card slots that make printing more easily. Through Ethernet, you can share your device with a printer that will make a faster connection for printing images.

You can even connect wireless printers to your digital cameras to get access to photos and get printouts. Now almost every good printer supports Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection to let you print documents.

10-Paper Handling:

Before buying a printer consider some important aspects to make a great purchase. Paper handling also varies from printer to printer. Try to find how many sheets of pages a printer input tray can handle. Some printer input trays can handle up to 250 sheets of paper.

There’s another thing to consider that can a printer support envelopes or cards to print? If you are buying a printer for a small office or commercial use then you’ll see that some targeted brands offer an optional second input tray with the printer for efficient print output delivery.

This second tray will help you to work for longer hours without refilling papers again and again in the input tray. So buy a printer with a good capacity to hold a large number of paper sheets for small business of commercial use and for home use you can live with a traditional printer.

11- Paper Format:

Different printers support different paper formats. Every printer cannot print legal-sized papers and every printer cannot scan files. Review your need for printing.

If you are looking for a printer for home use then probably you can go for simple printers that support standard paper size but for commercial use and small office you need a printer that can support any size and any format of the paper. Paper formats can be A4, A5, B5, and C5, etc. printer for business and commercial use must support legal-size paper, envelops and cards, etc.

12- Easy to use Printer:

The printer must be easy to install and easy to use. If you have friendly printers then you’ll be highly satisfied with the printer that values your money.

If you face any difficulty you’ll be mentally frustrated be taking care of the printer. For good use of printer, read manual copy comes with printers to get in its all features and specifications. Your printers must give you comfort zone by satisfying you to do the following things.

Printers must be easy to load and unload media, its control panel must be a good navigator to understand system, printers must give full control to use, the printer must have the ability to save setting to easy use in future and it must be friendly enough that you just need to press ‘print’ and you may go away.

Last but not least drivers of printers must be easy to install and use and its setting should be so convenient that you can show to others how easy it is to use. It doesn’t matter whether you are buying a printer for home use, printer for small business or printer form commercial use, your printer should be highly easy to install and use.

13- Ink Cartridge and Toner Cost:

Ink cartridges are used in inkjet printers and toners are used in laser printers. Their prices vary. If you have a colored inkjet printer it will have several cartridges according to a number of colors. Most inkjet printers come with 2 ink cartridges and 4 ink cartridges.

These cartridges carry different colors of inks and even they are refillable. If you want to print just text then use an inkjet printer but if you know you have to print some colored documents then you may choose inkjet printers with 2 or 4 ink cartridges.

Laser printers use toner for sharp and crisp images. Toner is more economical rather than ink cartridges because toners don’t need to refill frequently. For small business and commercial use laser printers is best and economical. Estimate the overall cost for ink and toner and then buy a printer according to your needs.

14- Printer Durability:

This is the most important aspect to consider while buying a printer. It becomes frustrating to buy the best printer and then after a few months discover it to be malfunctioned. Malfunctioned printer took repairing cost and if you want to replace the printer, of course, it will also take a big cost. Always check consumer reviews before making a purchase.

Never compromise quality to saving cost because you always get what you pay for. So try to purchase stylish, compact, durable, lasting and useful printer for home use, small business or commercial use. Never save money to compromise on quality because if you get a low-quality printer then you have to pay even double amount for the sake of rapier and maintenance.

Get the best printer even it took 2 pennies more but don’t compromise on quality because expensive product delivers you for a longer period and become your worthy investment.

15- Stay in Your Budget:

Stay in budget. Buy the product which you can afford because printer like any other useful product always requires maintenance of ink or toner cost to retain for longer use of it. But after a bit of research and wise decision, you can even get the best printer within your budget.

Never go out of your budget otherwise it will not beneficial for you after some time when you have to pay for maintenance cost. Try to buy a reliable and affordable printer for which you don’t need to spend money again and again. But keep in mind; you get what you pay for.

16- Additional Features of Printer:

You can consider additional features of printers if you are looking for a printer for home, for small business or commercial use. Review you need and prepare a list of additional features that you want to be in your printer. You can choose the printer which can support mobile phone and email app.

You must have access to experienced users or technical support staff. Will you be able to get access to video tutorials or instructional documents for easy use of printer? So, prepare the list of questions and additional features and then go for the search of the best printer for home use, printer for small business or printer for commercial use. This list will be helpful for you in the longer run.

17- Additional Cost of Printer:

After buying a printer you have to consider some other costs like operational cost or maintenance cost. If you have an inkjet printer then you have to face ink cartridges cost and if you have a laser printer then toner cost is your responsibility. If your printer gets stuck or freeze then you have to bear its maintenance cost. Choose the printer with the lowest maintenance cost.

18- Warranty:

Always choose the printers that come with a warranty. Warranty helps you to lower maintenance costs. If your printer encountered the problem and the printer is in warranty it will help you to repair the printer without cost. Customers always attract to the product that comes with warranty.

Warranty increase trust in the brand. If you are buying a printer for home, for small business or commercial use then you must buy the printer with a warranty. A printer used for business or commercial purposes sometimes requires maintenance so warranted products help to lower maintenance cost.

19- Resale Value of Printer:

Yes, you can consider the resale value of the printer while buying it. If you own a business or want to use the printer for commercial use you can replace printer by the time. With the advancement in technology, printers also come equipped with the latest innovative technology that provides you even more comfort at their best. Before buying a printer consider its resale value that in future if you sell your printer will it be beneficial for you or not? Then decide according to it.

20- Printer and Office Size:

This is the most important aspect to consider. Office size and printer size are directly proportional to each other. If your workplace is congested then you need a compact printer and try to get a wireless printer to get rid of tangled wires.

But if your office has enough space to keep a bit larger printer then you may go for a large-sized printer. But nowadays mostly printers come in a stylish design with a compact size that looks marvelous and make work easier. Review your need that do you often need to remote printer?

If yes, then buy a portable printer that can be easily placed anywhere and light in weight. Buy the printer which goes with the environment of your home, small business or your commercial office. For a small office, you can get an inkjet printer because they are smaller in size as compared to laser printers.

For commercial use, you can have laser printers and try to pick a portable and compact printer for home use. Choose the appropriate size that best fits in the room or office.



printers are hardware devices used to get printouts. They come in various shapes, sizes, and features. Printers are of different types like inkjet printers, laser printers or 3D printers. Sometimes buying printers becomes difficult when a customer sees a large variety in the market.

Obviously, the search for the best printer is not easy whether you are buying a printer for home use, for small business or commercial use. This Printer buying guide is the ultimate solution for you to choose the best printer.

It has the entire important aspects that should be considered while buying a printer. Read this buying guide carefully and make a happy purchase of printer for home or commercial use.


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